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Please use the link above to visit our sponsors page.  Click on a highlighted name and you will be able to access detailed information about that business.  Please patronize our business sponsors.  They support the club with their dollars and they depend on you for their winter business.

Snow Chasers Raffle

Hey Snow Chasers!  Do you remember those 5 raffle tickets you were sent in June.  Many of you have returned them already with the money, however many of you have them still sitting on the shelf or in the drawer.  We need you to retrieve them, sell them, and send the money back to the club.  Prizes will be $100.00 per week for 20 weeks.  Winning tickets will be put back in the hopper for the next drawing giving you multiple chances to win!  Drawings will begin April 23, 2016.  If anyone needs more tickets contact Ed Carlson at 906-437-5492

Remember the proceeds from the raffle will be earmarked for our Scholarship Fund and fund the mortgage payment for the Rudyard groomer barn.


Our brushing weekend is now history and massive amounts of brush were cut and hauled into the woods along Trail 472 heading toward Rudyard.  Some of our volunteers even worked Friday brushing the railroad grade and then turned up Saturday ready for more work!  Below is a list of the people who worked on the trails helping make the Snow Chaser trails safe and wide.  Our sign crew worked September 24th, 25th, and 26th to check all of the signs on all Snow Chaser trails and get things ready for inspection by the DNR.

The Sign Crew:

Jack Dean
Pat Wright 
Paul Moran
Larry Hendershott
Grant Dewitt
Jay Wright 

Our Brushing Crew:

Dan Heingartner
Mike Mantooth
Codie Ross
Kurt Gallant
Todd Gallant
John Simon
John Costello
Dean Besteman
Dawn Johnson
 Matt Fillenwalth

Mike Lacey Sr.
Scott Melchi
David Wible
Aaron Grassner
Paul Sutherland
Terri Abbo
John Smith Jr.
Doug Fountain
Ron Johnson
James Smith
Troy Heingartner
Jake Fillenwalth
Doyle Yader
Mike Evans
David Santi
Paul Ackerman
John Smith Sr.
Steve Johnson
Rex Hyrns 

It is people like these, who generously gave of their time and labor, who make the Chippewa Snow Chasers a great organization. When these volunteers ride our trails next winter they can be proud that they helped to make our trails some of the best in the UP.

August Trail Brushing

The August brushing crew worked hard and deserve some recognition.  Those participating are as follows:

Rex Hyrns

Ed Carlson

Kurt Gallant

Paul Ackerman

Rick Wainright

Jim Steffen

DiAnn Kokko

Paul Sutherland

Darren Dafforn

 A big “thank you” for your efforts. We appreciate your willingness to help in this yearly job!

911 Signs

Along the Chippewa Snow Chaser Trails you will see small rectangular signs with two letters and four numbers on them. The two letters in our area are “FS”.  In other areas you may see different letters such as “FR”, “GS”, “KL” or “LL”.

If you have an accident on the trail and need emergency help, the first thing the responders need to know, is exactly where the victim is located. Send someone in your party in each direction to find the nearest sign. You should encounter a sign on the trail within one mile in either direction.

Memorize the two letters and 4 numbers and give them to the 911 operator. These small signs, if used as locators, will tell the 911 operator exactly where the victim is located in the forest and the first responders will be able to get there quickly.

Be sure to give the letters and numbers exactly as they appear on the nearest sign!  Reversing a couple of numbers could send the first responders miles from where they are actually needed!