Golf Outing:


This year’s golf outing will be on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at the Munoscong Golf Course in Pickford. There will be a steak following the golfing. For information, contact Pat Lawless at 906-274-5548.

Scholarship Information

Chippewa Snow Chasers scholarship(s) are available for post-secondary study, such as junior colleges, 4-year colleges and universities, apprentice programs (such as beautician school, truck driving school, electrician training or auto technician).

It must be a recognized program of study leading to a license or certificate. All applicants must be members or dependents of a member of the Chippewa Snow Chasers for one year prior to the date of the application.

Any questions, call Ed Carlson at 906-437-5492.

Snowchasers Election Results, April 8, 2014

The following members were elected as officers and board members of the Chippewa Snow Chasers for the term 2014-2016:

President: Rex Hyrns
Vice President: Gary Savoie
Secretary: Jay Wright
Treasurer: Grant Dewitt
Trustee: Irene Lawless
Trustee: Ed Carlson
Trustee: Mieke Brelsford

Congratulations to the new officers and trustees.


Saturday March 1, 2014 over 60 persons signed in and were dealt their poker hands. After a great meal the big winners were announced!

First place: Dave Jacobs with a straight flush.

Second place: Terri VanHorn with four aces.

Third Place: Gary Shadrock with four fives.

Fifty/Fifty winner: Cory Nieman

Many others won gift certificates, and bidding was lively for some of the more valuable gift certificates. Thanks to all who attended and a special word of thanks to our sponsors and donors of prizes

Eckerman Trail Report – 3/1/2014

Eckerman Trail Report 
Chippewa Snowchasers

Updated: 3/1/2014

Base: 8 inches

Snowfall Past 24 hours: 0 inches

Last Grooming: 2/28 all trails

Current Trail Conditions: Excellent

Groomers Report:

Twenty seven degrees warmer this morning than yesterday.   No chance of snow melt for the next 10 days.  The trails are groomed and ready with new snow on the way!  All we need is you and your snowmobiles!  Come to the UP and enjoy our awesome trails!  Fun Run ends today, get your stamps and we will see you tonight at the Clubhouse!!

Our annual Fun Run opened on February 14 and concludes today March 1. We conclude with a great meal and a fun gathering at our clubhouse.  If that doesn’t get your motor running you are in pretty sad shape!  See below for additional information !  The trails are still flat with plenty of snow and wonderful scenic vistas.  The only thing missing is YOU!


Along the Chippewa Snow Chaser Trails you will see small rectangular signs with two letters and four numbers on them. If you have an accident on the trail and need emergency help the first thing the responders need to know is exactly where the victim is located. Send someone in your party in each direction to find the nearest sign. You should encounter a sign within one mile in either direction. Memorize the two letters and 4 numbers and give them to the 911 operator. These small signs if used as locators will tell the 911 operator where you are in the forest and the first responders will be able to get there quickly.


We do have the Rudyard Groomer Barn facility in use and we are able to start the season with the groomer in a heated area.  There is still some interior work to be done prior to hooking up the water and plumbing but this is expected to be completed shortly.  We are also ordering gravel to complete the grounds that will provide a circular route for the groomer entrance and exit.  The club also has an application turned into the DNR which would allow the grounds as a trail head and thus parking with an outdoor porta-john.   Extra gravel was ordered banking on the approval of the application.