Snow Chasers Raffle


Congratulations to the winners of our “20” raffle.  They will be receiving $100.00 checks from the Snow Chasers!  Each week we will add another winner until we reach the magic 20 winners!

Di Ann Koko

David Wible: Dave donated his $100.00 winnings back to the Snow Chasers. Thank you Dave


A “BIG” thank you goes out to Craig Freeman with State Farm Insurance in Indianapolis, Indiana for his donation of $250.00 toward a new club computer.  Members like you make the Snow Chasers a special organization!



Do you have a son or daughter who will be attending college, a trade school or other post secondary study?  If so you should know that the Chippewa Snow Chasers Snowmobile Club offers a scholarship(s) to deserving sons or daughters of members in good standing.  You can download an application and read the complete rules for eligibility here: SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM DOWNLOAD.  Deadline for applications is June 30th 2016 for consideration.

New Officers

At the April 9, 2016 meeting the following slate of officers was elected to serve for the next two years.
President: Rex Hyrns
Vice President: Gary Savoie
Treasurer:  Grant Dewitt
Trustee:  Irene Lawless
Trustee: Annemieke Brelsford
Trustee:  Ed Carlson

Visit Our Business Sponsors

Please use the link above to visit our sponsors page.  Click on a highlighted name and you will be able to access detailed information about that business.  Please patronize our business sponsors.  They support the club with their dollars and they depend on you for their winter business.

2016 Chippewa Snow Chasers Fun Run – Recap

Seventy nine Snow Chasers and friends participated in our annual “Fun Run”.  Lots of spirited bidding for mystery boxes.  A great meal was enjoyed by all and there was even lots of food left for Table # 10 which happened to be the very last table chosen for the chance at the goodies.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors who donated prizes for the event and the merchants, who agreed to participate in our Fun Run.  Also a special thank you to Annemieke Brelsford, who organized the event and drove hundreds of miles distributing tickets and collecting prizes to make the event possible.

911 Signs

Along the Chippewa Snow Chaser Trails you will see small rectangular signs with two letters and four numbers on them. The two letters in our area are “FS”.  In other areas you may see different letters such as “FR”, “GS”, “KL” or “LL”.

If you have an accident on the trail and need emergency help, the first thing the responders need to know, is exactly where the victim is located. Send someone in your party in each direction to find the nearest sign. You should encounter a sign on the trail within one mile in either direction.

Memorize the two letters and 4 numbers and give them to the 911 operator. These small signs, if used as locators, will tell the 911 operator exactly where the victim is located in the forest and the first responders will be able to get there quickly.

Be sure to give the letters and numbers exactly as they appear on the nearest sign!  Reversing a couple of numbers could send the first responders miles from where they are actually needed!