Brushing and Signing

Every year in the summer and fall we have brushing weekends and your sign crew goes out to make sure all the required signs are in place.  This year the following persons volunteered their time and came to Strongs to help out with clearing the brush back from the trails and helping with signing and other tasks.  The club owes them kudos for their efforts!  Some even spent two weekends helping!!! We couldn’t do it without these volunteers!!!


Kurt Gallant

Todd Gallant

Mike Evans

Paul Sutherland

Teri Abbo John Smith Jr.

John Smith Sr.

Jay Wright

Dave Santi 

Rex Hyrns

Paul Ackerman

Gant Dewitt

Dean Besteman

Pat Wright

Brian Marsh

Scott Klimkeiwicz

Roman Wood

Steve Van Dyke

John Costello

Gary Schinderle

Michael A. Lacey Jr.

Michael R. Montooth

Aaron Grassner

Ed Carlson

Royal Rossell

Steve Johnson

Larry Hendershott

Troy Heingartner

Daniel Heingartner

Michael A. Lacey Sr.

Jack Dean

Dawn Johnson

Ron Johnson

Mike Mobley

Dawn Mobley

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Winners Announcement:

The Chippewa Snow Chasers are pleased to announce the scholarship winners for the 2014-2015 school year.

  •   Teri VanHorn $500.00 winner from Owosso, MI.
  •   Morgan Lauer $250.00 Winner from Harbor Springs, MI.

For more scholarship Info see below:

Chippewa Snow Chasers scholarship(s) are available for post-secondary study, such as junior colleges, 4-year colleges and universities, apprentice programs (such as beautician school, truck driving school, electrician training or auto technician).

It must be a recognized program of study leading to a license or certificate. All applicants must be members or dependents of a member of the Chippewa Snow Chasers for one year prior to the date of the application.

Any questions, call Ed Carlson at 906-437-5492.

New Trail

Good News!  We will have a new trail section, which allows us to bypass a one mile plowed portion of Strongs Road.  From Strongs Corners the trail will go southwest through two private properties and then go behind the groomer barn into US Forest Service Property, connecting with the existing trail at Salt Lake.  Thanks to the efforts of Rex Hyrns and the many volunteers who worked to cut brush and clear the route.  Thanks also to Robert West the US Forest Service head for our area for giving quick approval for this reroute.  Your slides and carbides will love this new section.  We have a bit more work to do on this section, but it will be ready for snowmobile travel by December 1st.

911 Signs

Along the Chippewa Snow Chaser Trails you will see small rectangular signs with two letters and four numbers on them. The two letters in our area are “FS”.  In other areas you may see different letters such as “FR”, “GS”, “KL” or “LL”.  If you have an accident on the trail and need emergency help, the first thing the responders need to know, is exactly where the victim is located. Send someone in your party in each direction to find the nearest sign. You should encounter a sign on the trail within one mile in either direction. Memorize the two letters and 4 numbers and give them to the 911 operator. These small signs, if used as locators, will tell the 911 operator exactly where the victim is located in the forest and the first responders will be able to get there quickly.  Be sure to give the letters and numbers exactly as they appear on the nearest sign!  Reversing a couple of numbers could send the first responders miles from where they are actually needed!