Brushing and Signing Weekend

Brushing and Signing Weekend

The final brushing and signing weekend was held September 24 and we had 45 workers signed in. A lot of brush was eliminated from Trail 472 West of Filer Rd. and the Raco RR grade. All the signs for the 2016-17 season are in place and we are ready for DNR inspection.

Thank you to all who helped with their labor and equipment and special thanks to the Heingartner crew who brought their skid-steer with a brush hog on the front to help clean the trails. Steve VanDyke also provided his Kubota with a brush hog to help with brushing. Below is a list of workers who signed in. If we missed anyone we apologize. Thank you everyone for your hard work. Participation on this scale is what makes our club great.

A great BIG thank you to the following people (based on who signed in):

  • Rex Hyrns
  • Jay Wright
  • Pat Wright
  • Paul Moran
  • Jack Dean
  • Dave Satchell
  • Grant Dewitt
  • Jason Teders
  • David Wible
  • Scott Melchi
  • Codie Ross
  • Jake Fillenwarth
  • Mike Lacey
  • Nathan Lacey
  • Mike Montooth
  • Troy Heingartner
  • Daniel Heingartner
  • John Smith Sr
  • James Smith
  • John Smith Jr
  • Tom Tolsma
  • Rob Manley
  • Briar Manley
  • Ed Carlson
  • Aaron Grassner
  • Brian Marsh
  • Paul Sutherland
  • Paul Ackerman
  • Ron Handley
  • Rick Stevens
  • Matt Stevens
  • Gene Ott
  • John Costello
  • Patrice Roe
  • Patty Hyde
  • Joe Hyde
  • Steve Johnson
  • Dawn Johnson
  • David Santi
  • Royal Russell
  • Kurt Gallant
  • Mike Evans
  • Jim Sutphen
  • Dean Besteman
  • Steve Vandyke
A Very Big Thank You

A Very Big Thank You


We would like to take a moment and show our appreciation for the generosity and time we were shown recently.

First, a special thank you to John Mory and Don Martin. Not only did they pick up groomer parts and deliver them to Strongs but they refused reimbursement for the money spent for the parts. Again members like you make the Chippewa Snow Chasers a special group!

Second, a special Thank You to Whiskey River for sending their high lift to Strongs so we could fix the back light.

Third, an extra special Thank You to the Strongs General Store for their donation of doughnuts for the August brushing.

Finally, but very importantly, we would like to extend a very special Thank You to the August brushing team.  Your labor under a hot August sun will pay big dividends in the cool months of winter.  If you see any of the people listed below, give them a pat on the back for helping make the Snow Chaser trails great!

  • Rex Hyrns
  • Paul Ackerman
  • Todd Gallant
  • Mike Evans
  • Jim Steffen
  • Ed Carlson
  • Paul Sutherland
  • Dave Santi
  • Kurt Gallant
  • Rob Raly
Snow Chasers Raffle

Snow Chasers Raffle


Congratulations to the winners of our “20” raffle.  They will be receiving $100.00 checks from the Snow Chasers!  Each week we will add another winner until we reach the magic 20 winners!

  • James L. Barnett Jr.
  • Dorothy Silvis
  • Keith Klegg
  • David Beach
  • Phillip Drake

Thank you to all of the people who bought the tickets to our “20” raffle. It was a good fund raiser for the club and even if you didn’t win you helped to pay down the mortgage on the groomer barn and add to our scholarship fund for future Snow Chasers.




Please respect the Private Land Owners Property, signs and gates,.

We do not want to lose these snowmobile trails. (Hulbert Lake & Behind the Strong’s Groomer barn) ATV’s have alternate routes!  Please use these instead of snowmobile trails.
Thank you & have a nice summer,

-Chippewa Snow Chasers




A big THANK YOU to T & H Lawn Care for the work you have done on the driveways at the Strongs groomer barn.

We truly appreciate all of the work you’ve done.



A “BIG” thank you goes out to Craig Freeman with State Farm Insurance in Indianapolis, Indiana for his donation of $250.00 toward a new club computer.  Members like you make the Snow Chasers a special organization!

Visit Our Business Sponsors

Visit Our Business Sponsors

Please use the link above to visit our sponsors page.  Click on a highlighted name and you will be able to access detailed information about that business.  Please patronize our business sponsors.  They support the club with their dollars and they depend on you for their winter business.