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Thank You

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who took the time to help make our trails some of the best out there! Your work and dedication are much appreciated. A special thanks goes out to the following people. We apologize if there are any missing names, if we forgot someone please let us know immediately. 

  • Rick Stevens
  • Matt Stevens
  • Gene Ott
  • John Smith Sr
  • Paul Ackerman
  • John Smith Jr
  • Rob Manley
  • James Smith
  • Tom Tolsma
  • Ed Carlson
  • Darrell Kromm
  • Mark Grohman
  • Dave Wible
  • Rex Hyrns
  • Grant Dewitt
  • Austin Pender
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  • TrailBrushingOct2017_005
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_006
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_007
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_008
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_009
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_010
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_011
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_012
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_013
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_014
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_015
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_016
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_017
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_018
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_019
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_020
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_021
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_022
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_023
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_024
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_025
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_026
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_027
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_028
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_029
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_030
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_031
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_032
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_033
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_034
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_035
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_001
  • TrailBrushingOct2017_002
Meeting Options

Meeting Options

Snowmobile close up title shot

Attention All Members!
If you would like to have a Saturday meeting instead of Tuesday, contact Rex right away. Our next meeting is currently scheduled for Tuesday November 14th at 7pm.
Please call Rex at 906-274-5473 to give feedback. 
Membership Dues

Membership Dues

It’s that time of year again! Dues are due again as of November 1st. Please be sure to send in your membership renewal by then. The 2018 membership form can be found here.

Warning: Do Not Trespass on Private Property

Warning: Do Not Trespass on Private Property

Hulbert Lake Property is private property and we will have the DNR watching and ticketing because people are destroying the gates.
There is a marked trail for ATVs & ORVs to go around pay attention and read them and follow them.
We only have one season left and if this continues we will lose this for a snowmobile trail. SO PLEASE STAY OUT.
Thank you,
Rex Hyrns



Please respect the Private Land Owners Property, signs and gates,.

We do not want to lose these snowmobile trails. (Hulbert Lake & Behind the Strong’s Groomer barn) ATV’s have alternate routes!  Please use these instead of snowmobile trails.
Thank you & have a nice summer,

-Chippewa Snow Chasers

Visit Our Business Sponsors

Visit Our Business Sponsors

Please use the link above to visit our sponsors page.  Click on a highlighted name and you will be able to access detailed information about that business.  Please patronize our business sponsors.  They support the club with their dollars and they depend on you for their winter business.